Human Factors Testing & Usability 

Performing proactive medication safety evaluations is the most effective way to minimize the risk of medication errors. The FDA recommends that all pharmaceuticals and medication-related devices are thoroughly reviewed in real-world clinical settings with clinicians to validate that products can be used safely before being introduced to the market. 

Med Safety Board is uniquely qualified to perform these evaluations, which can help you avoid costly delays in go-to market plans, as well as in-market errors that can cause patient harm. 

Our human factors experts at Med Safety Board have extensive expertise in evaluating usability across the product development life cycle and can complete testing in simulated use-case environments. 

Engagement Description

We apply a clinically-informed approach (CLIF) to evaluate the use of your drug and devices, as well as the critical tasks associated with them. The CLIF approach is known among usability experts for combining the best of all sciences to improve healthcare delivery. It has the quadruple aim of reducing harm to patients and costs to health systems while improving clinician experience, and patient outcomes.